April 18, 2019


Spam now accounts for two out of three email messages. The spam epidemic seriously degrades the business value of your IT network by lowering productivity, slowing system performance, distracting IT management, and adding stress to the work environment. To solve this problem, Coretech has partnered with Postini to offer businesses a managed service that stops spam and email-borne viruses before they can penetrate your corporate firewall. Postini handles the security and management of corporate email by providing continually updated spam and virus filtering, content and policy management, content filtering, and protection from email-based directory harvesting and denial of service attacks. Postini also includes monitoring, management and reporting tools plus outbound filtering to help you troubleshoot your email system and define and enforce corporate email policy.

Postini’s Perimeter Manager, a pass-through service which routes all your email to secure, fault-tolerant data centers — the same ones used by Google, eBay and Yahoo — where messages and attachments are screened using state-of-the-art heuristic-rules analysis. Clean email is forwarded instantly to your email server, and suspicious email is either tagged and delivered or quarantined to a web-accessible storage area for you to review. Postini is fast and easy to set up and works with any email system. All you have to do is redirect your mail exchange (MX) record.

This service is a complete solution for blocking spam and viruses. It includes:

  • Spam Filtering using heuristic-rules that analyze sender’s IP address and message content
  • Real-Time Virus Protection with customizable filters and quarantine areas for safe review
  • Attachment Filtering for policy-based blocking, re-routing or trusted partner pass-through
  • Connection Manager to block invalid SMTP connection attempts and Directory Harvest Attacks
  • Delivery Manager for load balancing and for storing messages in case your email server fails
  • Event-Based Alerts to notify your administrator instantly during attacks and system outages
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Graphic Reports for web-based views of system status and usage

Advantages of Postini

Filtering email at the desktop, server or gateway wastes network bandwidth, disk storage and IT management time. Perimeter Manager stands between the Internet and your corporate network, preserving your system resources. Because Postini’s full-time security experts continually update filtering policies and virus databases, your email system always has the highest level of security without the intervention of your IT staff. Perimeter Manager can also improve your email reliability. Data center uptime averages 99.999 percent, far higher than most small business email servers can achieve. If your email server fails, messages are temporarily stored in a secure database for delivery once you’re back on line.
Perimeter Manager is also a powerful defense against Directory Harvest Attacks — an aggressive technique spammers use to gather employee email addresses by running scripts against email servers. DHA propagation is the primary driver for the significant growth in spam targeted to corporate email users.


  • Accurately filters email to eliminate spam and viruses
  • Secures your email system from Directory Harvesting and Denial of Service attacks
  • The Managed Service approach keeps spam and viruses outside your firewall, increasing network performance and reducing stress in the work environment
  • Compatible with any email system — no hardware or software to purchase, install, manage or upgrade
  • Automatic updating frees up your IT management staff


  • Monitoring, management tools and graphic reports give you detailed visibility of your corporate email traffic
  • Email policy, content and attachment management, plus outbound email filtering help you define and enforce your company’s email policies
  • Customizable by end users
  • Fail-safe architecture ensures no message is lost if your email server fails.  Your mail is held by Postini until your in-house email server comes back online. 
  • Continual development, implementation and review of security policies and standards by Postini’s full-time staff of information security experts
  • Information security policies and program are built around the ISO 17799 standard
  • Good email is delivered instantly because filtering is done in memory, not on disk
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