May 26, 2019


We feel Microsoft builds the best platform to run small and mid sized companies. They have created a winning combination of software packages that mesh well together. Microsoft is the most flexible, and in the long run, least expensive.

Windows Server
Our networks start with Microsoft Windows Server . This platform is compatible and flexible for small businesses.  No matter what software runs your business it is almost certainly capable of running on Windows Server. 
Windows Server is about $725 for the first 5 people and $35 for each additional User/Device.

Exchange Server
Microsoft Exchange Server is more than just email.  It is the glue that links your office together.  Imagine being able to check a coworkers calendar to find out where they are.  Assign tasks to people and be automatically notified when that task is complete.  Checking your email from the road or from a cell phone is no problem.  Erase an email on your cell phone and it is also erased on your desktop machine. If you use Outlook but do not have Exchange you are missing out.   
Exchange is about $1200 for 5 people and $80 for each additional User/Device.

MS SQL Server
Microsoft SQL Server is our favorite database. It is inexpensive and easy to manage, but it scales to handle the largest of businesses.

Microsoft Small Business Server
Microsoft Small Business Server  (SBS server) incorporates all three of the above software packages (Server, Exchange, and SQL) into one product.  It is similar to how Microsoft Office includes Word, Excel, and Outlook for a lower price than buying all three separately.   It is limited to 75 users. 
SBS Server Premium is about $1400 for the first 5 users and $150 for each additional User/Device
SBS Server Standard (no SQL) is about $815 for the first 5 users and $125 for each additional User/Device

We also work on and help businesses configure many other supporting Microsoft products.  Some of our favorites are:
MS SharePoint (share information with customers and vendors)
MS IIS (web server)

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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